Royal Experts Are Convinced Kate Middleton Is Expecting Her Fourth Child

Royal Experts Are Convinced Kate Middleton Is Expecting Again

by | Sep 20, 2019

Tbh, we’re not huge fans of speculating about celebs and their potential pregnancies (you never know when someone is dealing with fertility issues behind closed doors.) But in the case of Kate Middleton, royal experts have some fairy intriguing evidence to suggest she might be expecting bub number 4. And funnily enough, it’s all to do with a.) her hair and b.) her work schedule.

Speaking on a Spanish TV show, royal expert Aranzazu Santos Lopez shared her intel: “Look at these recent images of the return to school day. Look at Kate’s hair. Every time the Duchess of Cambridge changes her look, she announces that she is pregnant within a few days.” Pointing out snaps of Kate’s new do on Princess Charlotte’s first day of school, she added: “It has a different air. Highlights or new colour, we don’t know yet, but it’s lighter, like a dark blonde.”

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For the record, she’s not wrong. Kate does have a habit of transforming her tresses before each one of her pregnancy announcements. (Something that the Evening Standard’s political reporter first brought to light back in 2017.)

But Lopez’ speculation doesn’t stop there. “I have another clue. Kate’s agenda is locked,” she shared. “She will take time off, which could mean she is pregnant, considering that her previous pregnancies have been complicated.”

For context, Kate has a history of suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (debilitating morning sickness). In fact, it was so severe with Prince Louis that she was forced to skip a public appearance, which resulted in her announcing his impending arrival early.


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There is, however, one caveat. On a trip to Northern Ireland earlier this year, Kate mentioned that she and Wills would be capping their family at five. When introduced to a five-month-old in the crowd at Ballymena, she reportedly told the baby’s dad that she was feeling “broody.”

“Baby number four?” he reportedly asked her, prompting her to reply: “I think William would be a little worried.”

Guess all that’s left to do now is watch this space. 

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