Kate Beckinsale Claps Back At Troll Over Bikini Photo

If Kate Beckinsale’s Bikini Photo Is A “Mid-Life Crisis” Then Sign Us Up

There’s no excuse necessary when it comes to sharing a picture of your bikini-clad body on the ‘Gram, especially if you’re Kate bloody Beckinsale. But one troll has taken the star to task for her latest snap as she holidayed in Los Cabos, Mexico. 


“I feel like you are having a mid life crisis or something,” the commenter said, to which Beckinsale swiftly responded, “Oh, I think that’s because you’re an annoying a**hole.”

Fans applauded her clap back, calling the original comment “embarrassing” and “ageist” 

At 46, the self-confessed fitness fanatic stays in phenomenal shape. The Underworld alum regularly shares pics and videos on Instagram of herself at the gym (including one particularly memorable toilet squat one) and, jaysus. 

“Kate is a six-day-a-week person,” her trainer Gunnar Peterson told Us Weekly. “She’s definitely up there among my hardest workers. I mean every single day is push, push, push.”

Yep, the lady makes a mid-life crisis look pretty damn good.

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