Watch Kate Beckinsale Do A Set Of Sit Ups Hanging Upside-Down

Watch Kate Beckinsale Smash A Set Of Sit Ups While Hanging Upside-Down

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by | Aug 27, 2020


Obviously, being that ripped doesn’t come easy. Girl goes HARD at the gym – check out her latest Insta vid in which she casually hangs from a punching bag while doing upside-down sit-ups.

“There’s one corner of @gunnarfitness gym that is, forever, England. This is not it,” she captioned her post.

WATCH the impressive move below…

Kate’s trainer, Brad Siskind, previously told Women’s Health that the actress has no excuses when it comes to working out. “The whole hour is work,” he said.

She starts with a full-body sweat sesh composed of eight compound exercises that work two muscle groups simultaneously (think biceps curls as she squats or sit-ups with combo punches.)

Then, Kate follows this with 90 to 120 seconds of a cardio interval, like rowing or the VersaClimber, before repeating the first lot of exercises again with heavier weights, a band or faster reps. To finish off, she uses a rubber Inertia Wave or does one-leg pushes on a curved SkillMill treadmill.

Oh, and she never skips her cool-down (stretching…she’s crazy flexible.) See below.

Cue: jaw-drop.

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