This Before And After Pic Is Exactly Why You Can’t Believe What You See On Instagram

This Before And After Pic Is Exactly Why You Can’t Believe What You See On Instagram

by | Sep 7, 2017

We like to think we can pick the real from the really fake when we’re scrolling through social media, but designer and fitness influencer Karina Irby has shown us exactly how deceptive some editing can be.

In a post on Instagram, Karina demonstrated the subtle tricks behind the “Insta Girl Edit” on her own before and after picture.

“Every morning I wake up and scroll through my personal Instagram feed and spy “Insta Girls” posting unrealistic images of themselves,” she wrote.

The girls I follow that portray these images have big followings, often with hundreds of thousands of young girls looking up to them as a role models. As I scroll through the comments I find young girls tagging their friends ‘GOALS’ and ‘OMG WHY DON’T I LOOK LIKE THIS.’”

“The truth is these girls don’t looks like this. They look like you, like everyone.”

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Karina then listed the extensive edits she made to her image, which included:

– Full body skin smooth

– Enlarged my booty

– Sucked in my tummy

– Sucked in my back

– Thinned out my arms

– Thinned out my quads

– Made my neck a tad skinnier

– Got ride of my scars and cellulite

– Made my breast rounder

– Lifted my booty

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She says she not trying to tear anyone down, but wants it to be a wakeup call for young women.

“I simply want to #inspireyou to love yourself and stop comparing yourselves to unrealistic images online.”

The best part? Karina practices what she preaches, posting snaps of her cellulite and stretch marks (along with her phenomenal rig). 

She’s gained another follower in us. 

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