Kaley Cuoco’s Butt Workout Has Us Sweating In Sympathy

Kaley Cuoco’s Butt Workout Has Us Sweating In Sympathy

by | Jul 16, 2020

While the majority of the population have taken iso as an excuse to ease up on their healthy habits (less sweating and salads, more Netfllix and naps), actress Kaley Cuoco is turning up the intensity on her workout regime.

In a new IG post, she gave fans a glimpse at an at-home sweat session she did with her sister Briana and trainer Ryan Sorensen recently. And, oh boy, we feel sore just from watching this. 

“A big part of quarantine has been about staying in shape and getting ready to go back to work at a moments notice,” she captioned it. “Thank you to @ryan_sorensen, my amazing trainer for keeping me fit and my crazy gorgeous sister @bricuoco for being my workout partner !! No pain no gain people! ????????.”

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The pictures essentially document the workout from start to finish. In the first pic, they do a set of step-ups with a resistance band around their waists. Next is weighted lunges and squats, single-leg balance work, then running and skipping with a resistance band around the ankles.

Permission to state the obvious? She looks super toned – especially her legs and booty. Little wonder, considering we’ve known for a while now that she’s big on lower-body exercises.

“Kaley is interested in her lower body, especially her butt, her legs and her abs,” trainer George C. King, who’s also worked with the 34-year-old, previously told People. “We do a lot of lunges, squat jumps and regular squats, plus leg curls and deadlifts.”

Well, it definitely shows.

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