Jennifer Lopez Breaks Internet With Swimwear Selfie

JLo Breaks The Internet With Swimwear Selfie

by | Mar 4, 2021

When JLo does something, you can expect there to be quite the audience reaction. Whether it was her intensive pole dancing routine to get in shape for Hustlers, or simply the workouts that see her maintain a physique that has been the poster of aspirational longing for women everywhere, it seems JLo has a tendency to not only defy the ageing process, but also break the Internet. 

Currently filming in the Caribbean, JLo squeezed in some time for a bit of “self-care”. The 52-year-old finds herself on set shooting Shotgun Wedding, but on one particular “#Self-careSunday”, the singer and beauty guru shared a shot of her kneeling on the floor of her hotel room, wearing a very sexy swimsuit. 

The white one-piece features a high-cut leg, showing off JLo’s long limbs and sculpted thighs, with her midriff on full display. There’s also that trademark hint of sex appeal, with a plunging neckline too. If you happened to be taking an Instagram scroll at the time it was posted, you likely stopped, zoomed in and out repeatedly, and then saved the image to your phone as some kind of motivational fitspo. 

One fan wrote, “You have discovered the fountain of youth. When will you share it with the rest of us?” Another commented, “Are you really 51 years old? Not for me.”

Another commented, “Wonderful, and that’s how the internet breaks! Hahaha Love you queen.”

With 144 million followers to her name, JLo isn’t a stranger from setting trends or seeing the Internet break from time to time. She previously posted a photo of herself in an emerald green one piece from her holiday in Turks and Caicos, an image that was met with a flourish of hearts and fire emojis. Though the star is rather coy about just how her skin looks so good at 51, she is refreshingly honest about what it takes to maintain her star physique. In an interview with Us Weekly, she said: “Very rarely will I skip my workout. Sometimes, I work too late the night before, and I’m like, ‘Ugh, I can’t do this.’ But I tell myself, ‘Just do it. It’s only an hour.’ It’s just talking yourself off the ledge of being a lazy bum.”

There you have it, people. Talk yourself off the ledge of being a lazy bum. 

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