Jillian Michaels’ 4 Move Ab Workout Will Totally Transform Your Core

Jillian Michaels’ 4 Move Ab Workout Will Totally Transform Your Core

by | Nov 25, 2019

You know those celeb trainers you wish you could be friends with IRL for the sole purpose of having their advice on tap 24/7? Like, when you want an epic topper for sweet potato toast or need extra encouragement to smash out one last rep? Well, Jillian Michaels is THE go-to girl for all things health and wellness, which is why she’s racked up 1.2 mil followers on the ‘gram.

The latest example of her expertise? An ab workout that’s guaranteed to have you svitzing all arvo.

“Fun little circuit of core and cardio using the bench. Do each move for 30 seconds. 4 rounds ????And you can always use my app for daily 7 minute workouts that are bit easier ???? at jillianmichaels.com,” she captioned the post.

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In the clip, Jillian works through a series of ab moves: one-leg jumps over a lifting bench, one-leg planks using lifting bench, weighted incline sit-ups and one where she lies on an inclined bench and splits her legs, alternating them in the air.

She recently posted another video of herself doing a few hardcore booty exercises. Cue: burning buns.  

“Some fun booty and core moves on the smith to kick the week off ????????,” Jillian captioned it.

Well, that’s our week in workouts sorted.

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