Jennifer Hawkins Is Being Mum-Shamed For Taking Her Baby To The Beach Without A Hat

People Are Hating On Jennifer Hawkins For Taking Her Baby To The Beach Sans Hat

Instagram is a primo place to find trolls sticking their noses in places they don’t belong. Case in point: Jennifer Hawkins’ feed.

Earlier this week, the 36-year-old shared a snap of herself enjoying a day at the beach with her newborn daughter Frankie Violet.

Watch Jennifer Hawkins show off the cutest baby pink work boots…

“No one can prepare you for the gummy smiles and baby ‘convo’” she captioned it, adding the hashtag “#soinlove ????”

So far, so cute, right?

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That is, until, the mum-shamers came out in full force, asking questions like “Loving the photo but why does Mummy have a hat on and not Bubba?” and “Where’s the baby’s hat?”

Luckily, the years she’s spent in the spotlight have made Jen an expert at putting haters back in their place. “Because bub was under a beach umbrella 2 seconds after this picture. ????” she clapped back. ‘nuff said.

Heaps of her followers leapt to the new mum’s defence, with their comments reaffirming that no one is considered “perfect” parent:

“There’s always one (or 10, maybe for you ????) who are so quick to jump! Of course you would be protecting your most loved little possession from the sun. She’s beautiful. Congrats!”

“Geez! Someone had to say that! She has an awesome mummy as if she’s going to let her baby burn. ???? she could have had one on and they took it off for the pic for all we know. She’s not silly I’m sure.”

“And 5 mins of VIT D will do little Frankie good! Just ignore the “perfect” parents! Lol heaven knows I’m not one.”

Bottom line? Butt out of any business that’s not your own! A lot of the time a picture doesn’t tell the full story.

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