Jennifer Hawkins Opens Up About Suffering From A Heartbreaking Miscarriage

by | Aug 26, 2019

When Jennifer Hawkins took to Instagram back in May to announce she and her husband Jake Wall were expecting, her followers had no idea the news had followed “the toughest year” of their lives.

In an interview with Stellar, the model opened up for the first time about her endometriosis diagnosis and how she’d suffered from a devastating miscarriage that left her at breaking point.

“Last year was such a tough year for Jake and me,” she said. “I felt like I almost broke and, in fact, it’s still really raw. But Jake was amazing. He let me sit with the pain, feel it and not be OK.”

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The couple had intended to start a family together soon after marrying in 2013. But it didn’t take long before Jen realised her journey to motherhood wouldn’t be so straight-forward.

“As a woman and a Type A personality, I’m used to planning everything. I think this will happen, then this will happen. It seemed like a lifetime as month after month people constantly asked us when we were going to have a baby,” she said.

When she eventually did fall pregnant, their elation was short-lived: during the first scan they found the baby had no heartbeat. Soon after she was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis – the most severe stage of the condition which causes considerable scarring, blocked fallopian tubes and damage to the ovaries.

She added, “I had so many years of planning, but the one thing I so dearly wanted couldn’t be planned. Everything crumbled. With women, we want everything to be OK, but sometimes it’s just not.”  

After six years of trying for a baby, they finally had success, although Jen admits they were cautious – even after their 12-week scan – choosing only to tell friends and family they were going to have daughter until they were given the all-clear by doctors.  

“I feel so excited and so grateful just to be pregnant and feeling the kicks,” she said. “When we went to see the heartbeat scan for our little girl, it was the most incredible, overwhelming feeling because prior to that we were so scared.”

“Just to see a bump is like no other feeling when you’ve wanted it for so long,” she added. “I don’t care if I put on weight or get stretch marks; the only thing. I can think about is her being healthy.”

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