Jennifer Garner Swears By These Healthy Snacks To Fuel Her Insane Workouts

Jennifer Garner Swears By These Healthy Snacks To Fuel Her Insane Workouts

by | Dec 4, 2019

Permission to speak freely? Most snacks marketed as ‘healthy’ are actually anything but. Just ask celeb nutritionist Kelly LeVeque, the woman responsible for keeping Jennifer Garner fighting fit.  

The hardest bit of her job? Coming up with convenient, grab-and-go foods to fuel Jen’s two-a-day workouts (that six-pack, those arms!)

“I think a lot of times people if they’re looking for like fast things they’re grabbing a protein bar,” LeVeque tells Women’s Health. “A lot of protein bars are mostly carbohydrates, and then it’s really a sugar-spike bar.”

Enter, the ‘bridge snack.’ A post-lunch, pre-second-sweat sesh nosh, to tide her over before dinner.

“A bridge snack is always to bridge you to that next meal,” LeVeque explains. “The hard part with snacks is they never really make you feel so full.”

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On the menu? A tablespoon of almond butter or nut butter – something that’s protein-rich, but also contains fat and fibre to help regulate the hunger hormones.

“If Jennifer Garner needed a little snack before and after a workout, that might look like a handful of nuts and almond butter or flaxseed crackers with cheese or avocado,” LeVeque adds. “We’re looking for a way to get her that protein, a little bit of fat in something that isn’t gonna bounce around when she bounces around dancing but can sustain her.”

Other options she recommends include:

  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Grass-fed jerky
  • Veggies and a nut-based dip (e.g. pesto or hummus)

In Jen’s case, btw, this produce is almost always organic.

“She has a beautiful garden and really prioritises farm-to-table eating,” LeVeque says. “She is goals.”

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