Jamila Rizvi Diagnosed With Brain Tumour After Googling Her Symptoms

Jamila Rizvi Diagnosed With Brain Tumour After Googling Her Symptoms

Australian author and journalist Jamila Rizvi took to Instagram to share that she has been diagnosed with a rare, but benign and operable, brain tumour.

“You’re not supposed to Google your symptoms because the internet says everything is either stomach cancer or a brain tumour,” the mum-of-one wrote on Instagram.

“Turns out, sometimes Google gets it right.”

The 31-year-old said she was diagnosed a month ago and it’s taken her a while to come to term with the news. 

“In late January I’ll have surgery, followed by a couple of months recovery.”

“I’m not in any pain. This is not and will not affect me cognitively. I’m writing, speaking and working as normal and that’s how I intend to continue. I’ve also been assured the tumour isn’t compressing a secret conservative lobe of the brain. So there’s no risk I’ll emerge from surgery singing the praises of Donald Trump or Tony Abbott.”

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She also praised the Australian healthcare system for the care she’s received so far.

“I have brilliant surgeons, specialists and nurses (although I do have my doubts about the one pictured). And at every appointment, every test, every hospital visit, I’ve been asked for my Medicare card before my credit card.”

“Lots of people are asking what I need. I don’t want sympathy and I certainly don’t want pity. But I would welcome your fierce confidence that I’ll recover and be back doing what I love ASAP. I fully intend to be fine.”

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