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‘I tried Victoria Beckham x Reebok Drop 5 and These Were My Thoughts’

Victoria Beckham tells us how to Reebok

by | Oct 8, 2021

By Tammy Christina

Ladies, let’s face it. We all love to look good and we love to work out. And when we can, we love to look good while working out. Thankfully Reebok and fashion-Queen Victoria Beckham have this in mind and have us covered.

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that we no longer stan “fashion is pain.” We want to be fashionable, but more importantly, fashionable in comfort. Our workout sets that doubled as loungewear during the pandemic left us accustomed to the good life and there really isn’t much turning back. No more restrictive corporate suits, tight bra strap lines, and definitely no painful tight waistbands. 

So coming out of our quarantine caves where does this leave us? On the hunt for the perfect athleisure, that’s where. We need stylish transitional pieces that double both in a workout setting and in a restaurant setting. Workout in a sports bra then throw a blazer over and head to lunch – the lazy (or efficient) womans maxim.

Thankfully the collaboration between Reebok and creative director Victoria Beckham continues (over ten years and running), with their new capsule collection bringing in a fusion of practical functionality and edgy sophistication. The direct answer to our post-lockdown needs. The basic concept of athleisure has been thrown out the window, with Victoria shaping the way forward making athleisure functional again (kind of rare nowadays?!). 

Take for example the collection’s tennis dress. With shorts attached and a flirty open cut back, the dress combines usefulness and realism with flirtiness and high-fashion. Something you can wear on the court for a serious game of tennis or to lunch with a blazer for sporty chic look.

The pieces talk the talk, and after giving them a spin I can confirm, they walk the walk. The sports bras claim seamlessness, and do exactly that, gliding on smooth and sitting softly with no overflowing skin to be seen. 

And while the collection is by definition a capsule, there are so many pieces (enough to fill a wardrobe) to the drop, each with incredible quality fabrics and individual quirks. Sneakers, crops, puffer jackets, tennis dresses, visors, bags – the list goes on. Ever so pleased with it all, I took to Victoria Beckham herself for a quick chat on all things fashion and sport.

Do you design each piece individually or with the others in mind to compile a full look?

A little of both to be honest with you. A lot of thought goes into the functionality of each piece, they have to perform individually and definitely work solo. As you said they’re very versatile and look great styled with everyday pieces. Personally I really like a full look and I know our customer does too, if your workout look is put-together it definitely makes a difference to how you feel when exercising. 

What do you look for in athleisure?

High-performing technical fabrications, a really good fit and a flattering, unique colour palette. It’s no secret that I love to work out. For me, it’s about achieving that balance between style and function. What I wear has to fit perfectly, it has to perform for all different kinds of exercise but it also has to look great. 

If you had to choose 1 item, what would you live in from your most recent Reebok drop?

The digital green seamless workout set. I just love the colour. It feels so fresh and energising – just what you need to inspire a workout!

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