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I Tried The Crazy-Looking Device Kate Hudson Uses to Tone Her Entire Body

Meet the HydroCore bag. - by Kristin O’Brien

by | Sep 17, 2021

I have been a movement coach specialising in unconventional training modalities for quite a while, and I thought I had seen it all until I came across the HydroCore bag around 8-months ago.

Kate Hudson, who took to Instagram to share a new workout she’s been doing, filmed herself spinning with what seemed to be a water-filled device, around her head in circles, with direction from her trainer Brain Nguyen. “This gives ‘staying centered’ a whole new meaning for me,” she writes in her caption. “First time taking this for a ride, definitely not the last.”

I am a big fan of any weight that throws your body off balance and forces your core to kick in, and will often use sand bags or a mace in order to achieve this, but the HydroCore bag is unlike any other training tool I have ever used – so I had to try it.
Here’s how it went.

Changeable weight 

The unique, water fillable design allows one to easily adjust the weight to fit their ability.  It was quickly apparent that I did not require a lot of weight to get a phenomenal workout as the movement of the water adds an element of difficulty that requires full body engagement. 

Encourages correct movement 

The moving water within the bag gives immediate feedback that lets you know if you are moving correctly or not.  Whether your goal is to keep the water still, allow it to flow or force it to crash, the water does not lie.  

The clear belly of the bag also allows you to use the water as a visual aid that teaches us how to move.  It will expose errors and imbalances in your movement patterns! 

The HydroCore’s soft make up and easily adjustable load make it the perfect tool to learn complex swing patterns and introduce rotational strength.   One must learn to work with the movement of the water to create a smooth execution.  There is also a great deal of carry over into other modalities such as bulgarian bags, mace,  clubs, kettlebells, ropes and even barbells making it a very versatile weight.

It’s easy to transport

Having every weight from a kettlebell, to a mace and a sand bag with you can take up a lot of space, whereas the HydroCore can be filled and then emptied making it easier to store it and easier to travel with. Therefore it is a good option for people who like to bring their equipment and train outdoors or travel with it. 

I originally purchased the Hydrocore as a lighter alternative to a bulgarian bag. I quickly learned that it is it’s own beast with it’s own unique set of values. 

Hydrocore is also now available in Australia. You can purchase one by reaching out to them via the HydroCore Australia instagram page.

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