This Guy Tracks His Wife’s Periods And Honestly, It’s Genius

This Guy Tracks His Wife’s Periods And Honestly, It’s Genius

by | Mar 22, 2018

There’s still so much stigma around menstruation, but fortunately one dude is doing his own small part to end that.

While some men get squeamish or dismissive about the all-too-real symptoms of Pre Menstrual Syndrome(PMS), Chaunie Brusie writes for SELF about how her husband embraces it, tracking her cycle himself and supporting her appropriately.

“He isn’t strict about noting when my period is going to start, but he’s always aware, sometimes more aware than me… through 14 years of dating and marriage, we’ve changed our ways of tracking, from using a fertility thermometer to phone tracking apps. Whatever method we use the result is the same: He’s able to predict when I’m likely to be struggling emotionally, and is always ready to help me through it.”

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But she stresses that it’s not about controlling her or trying to “prepare” himself for the onslaught of his PMSing wife.

“It’s him acknowledging what being a woman means to me, honouring the role that we both play in our family planning, and respecting my physical and emotional needs.”

“For years I struggled with debilitating PMS and a lot of shame about how my period affected me. I would shut down for days before my period started, go into a very dark depression, and hide away at home, crying and unable to focus or function. And the rage — I truly felt out of control because of the sudden anger I felt, like clockwork, in the time surrounding my period.”

How often have you had a minor (or massive) meltdown over something insignificant, only to have an ‘ahaaa’ moment when your period arrives the next day.

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Around 90 percent of women experience some kind of PMS – the physical and behavioural changes that occur one to two weeks before menstruation – each period. So for some women that’s nearly half of their month affected by these symptoms.  

“It was life-changing that my husband not only accepted my PMS as part of who I am, but made an effort to be there for me during my period.”

Take a hint blokes. 

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