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How to Rock Your Curls With Confidence

Mind your curls, and your curls will mind you.

Curly hair may sound like a dream to some, but in reality for us curly ladies it is far from smooth sailing. Quite the emotional rollercoaster actually. Hats are nearly impossible to master, hair ties are broken on the daily, and planning a good hair day to align with an event is as big of a gamble as it gets. 

And that’s just the beginning. Having the confidence to even wear it naturally is a hurdle in itself. Let alone the comments and hairplay that come from wearing it curly. 

Coming from a reformed serial hair straightener I can safely say I have been there. 

Take the lovely teen years where unbeknownst to many, my salon-straightened hair was just a cover to my wild lion’s mane hiding beneath. Fitting in was key, and curly hair was not. 

Then enter phase two of life: acceptance and appreciation. The realization that being different is beautiful and that curls can enhance or better yet, be your look. The day of realization comes at different times for everyone, and it can be a dramatic switch or gradual process. 

Rather than “taming the mane” and fighting our roots, we shift our intentions to embracing our look and bouncing around with confidence. We let our curls out and share them with the world.

While everyone finds confidence at their own pace, I have some tips to make the journey a little easier! 

Cocktail it up

Concocting is key. I recently discovered that mixing a clear gel with leave-in conditioner and a styling product before drying curls is a major life hack. It sticks the curl together and helps with definition and frizz reduction. Once dry, the curls can be pulled apart for volume! GENIUS.

Sea salt sea salt sea salt

For the most part, sea salt spray won’t do too much to our big head of hair. However if and when there is an opportunity to submerge that head in the ocean, our humble curls bounce right up, frizz-free! My transition to curls began with a weekly ocean dip (rain or shine) to get myself comfortable with curls without the stress of having to find products to do the trick. 

Pop it in your planner  

For curls, fresh hair is the best hair. And curls that have been slept on just aren’t going to perform at their best. Ideally plan your social outings around wash days – it will make your life so much easier and provide a degree of ease. 

Volume at roots

To give an overall alluring shape to a head of curls, I always go for a volume potion or dry shampoo at the roots for lift. Not only does this add height (win), but the curls fall naturally without the dreaded triangle shape.

Never be sorry

Never. Don’t be sorry that your hair sheds, that it tangles in the salon basin, or that it gets in the way of someone at the cinemas. Don’t be sorry for who you are. Own it baby! It’s au naturel. 

Don’t compare curls

Although we all have curl envy from time to time, the reality is no one’s curls are the same. No one has the same texture, spring, length, or volume for that matter. Even a haircut can’t change the way a curl forms. So take your head of curls and work it!

Trust but confirm 

With so many tips and testimonials from our curly community it is hard to know what will work for you. Figure out your hair goals, and use products that specifically target that. Want volume? Go for texturizing potions. Want shine? Go for oils. Want definition? Go for a mousse or strong-hold cream. 

Walk the walk 

Lastly – love yourself. Confidence is sexy and so are curls. Give your curls a chance to prove themselves and you may be pleasantly surprised!

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