'I Tried Eating Healthy Takeaway For A Week – Here's What Happened'

‘I Tried Eating Healthy Takeaway For A Week – Here’s What Happened’

by | Sep 12, 2019

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a meal prep fiend.

Half of my Sundays are spent steaming brown rice, roasting sweet potato and obviously having no social life, so I have lunch completely sorted for the week. #worthit.

So when I was asked to try eating takeaway via Deliveroo for an entire week (some people’s dream job, no doubt) I was concerned for my arteries and arse size (pardon my French). And when I was asked to make my selections healthy ones, I was even more sceptical.

But I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge, especially one involving eating. Here’s how I went.

Day 1

Walking to work my handbag felt ridiculously light without my usual jam-packed tupperware containers, so my shoulders were already marking this project as a win. My downfall was when came time to order my lunch online. I was so used to just grabbing my lunch out of the fridge whenever I wanted that I kind of blanked on the whole delivery wait time and I was edging dangerously close to a hanger induced meltdown. After a quick scroll I decided on Bruce Leaves’ Sashimi Salmon Warrior bowl – salmon for some omega 3s, edamame chock full of antioxidants, fibre filled green tea soba noodles and plenty of fresh veg. And fortunately for my colleagues, it was delivered incredibly quickly so there was minimal collateral damage from my mood. The dish was super delicious and filling. Colour me pleasantly surprised.

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Day 2

On the second day of the challenge I had a bit more forethought about my impending meal, spending every spare second perusing my surprisingly extensive options. I settled on Cafe Shenkin’s Vegan Rain Bowl with moroccan carrot, crispy potatoes, brussels sprouts, falafels, artichoke, avocado and a beetroot sauce. A mouthwatering mix of good fats, complex carbs and plant-based protein.



Day 3

On day three I was really looking forward to lunch, for someone who rarely has takeaway it was a bit of a thrill to be ordering it so many days in a row. I know, I really need to get a hobby if that’s what passes as exciting in my life. I went for the Guzman Y Gomez burrito bowl with brown rice, extra vegetables, guac (non negotiable), fresh jalapeños AND extra spicy sauce – yeah I’m a masochist. Despite making some healthy swaps and additions, the meal would have definitely pushed me over my salt quota for the day and even more of a travesty – they forgot my chilli sauce. You’re forgiven this time Guzman Y Gomez. Just.

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Day 4

By the next day I’d managed to get over my missing chilli sauce (#firstworldproblems). I ordered a Falafel Bowl from Sammy’s with brown rice, falafel, fattoush, tabouli and a tahini garlic yoghurt and mint sauce. Although falafels can contain a bit of extra fat from the frying process, experts are on board with their high protein and fibre content. Plus, the fresh salad and healthy sauce option – this dish was a winner. 



Day 5

I was really getting used to the convenience of ordering in as well as having an extra few minutes of Netflix-ing when I would have been putting my lunch together for the next day. For my last hurrah I built a Spartan Box with Zeus Street Greek, full of falafel, roasted vegetables, green beans, fetta and chilli (doi) tzatziki. A delicious combo of protein and carbs that was filling but not too heavy.

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Final verdict?

Eating healthy takeaway food is totally achievable, and bloody easy if you’re getting it delivered by Deliveroo. While I felt like I was ticking all the nutritional boxes with my daily choices, it’s obviously not a feasible, everyday option for everyone as most meals were pushing the $20 mark when you factor in delivery costs. But hey, it proves that there’s no excuse for making not-so-stellar choices for your health when ordering takeaway because there’s plenty of nourishing options in your area.

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