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How to Achieve Multiple Orgasms Through Solo Play

The ultimate - inclusive - guide.

by | Sep 7, 2021

Did you know vulva owners can experience over ten different types of orgasm? Not only this but people with a penis can have them too! It just takes focus, practise and a lot of solo play.

To celebrate World Sexual Health Day, Lovehoney sexologist Chantelle Otten and Sex Coach Cam Fraser share the benefits of solo play, the multiple ways to orgasm and tips for how to achieve the Big O time and time again.

Achieving multiple orgasms for vulva owners

– Chantelle Otten  

Research from Lovehoney revealed that 35% of Aussie vulva owners experience more intense orgasms during masturbation. Besides the feel good hormones and intensity, from orgasms, they can also help vulva owners relax, relieve stress, assist with sleep and can be used for pain relief during that time of the month.

Multiple orgasms can be either sequential (when you orgasm, rest, and then orgasm again) or serial (one orgasm after another with no rest in between). The best way to achieve them is to keep playing, try for sequential first – orgasm, then take a break and enjoy the happy hormone releases and then go again for round two. If you experiment with the various orgasms, the different sensations and pleasure will create a sexual energy for serial orgasms.

Some of the common types of orgasms include clitoral (by far the most common), G spot, anal and blended. Try starting off with clitoral, with most vulva-owners needing clit stimulation in order to climax, this will help get you up and running – I recommend a clit sucker like the Womanizer & Lovehoney Pro40 – it’s a personal fave. 

Following this, try moving on to blended to keep the ball rolling. A blended orgasm occurs when more than one area is being stimulated at the same time, normally a combined vaginal and clitoral orgasm. I suggest bringing in toys for this, such as the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rabbit vibrator or using a combination of your hands and a toy – in fact one in four females (25%) said hands and a sex toy combo was their go-to masturbation method. And don’t forget to add plenty of lube to enhance your pleasure. 

Once you get into a flow of uncovering what gets you off, you’ll have more options for ways to orgasm – unlocking multiple orgasm potential.

Achieving multiple orgasms for people with a penis

– Cam Fraser

To be able to have multiple orgams you have to understand that people with penises experience a refractory period after they ejaculate which sends a signal to the brain that says your work is done! And the release of the feel good hormones that make you feel relaxed and content – the post orgasm high! Which is why it can be difficult for many to experience multiple orgams.

The key is that ejaculating is not the same thing as having an orgasm, a common misunderstanding. As they are not mutually exclusive, you are able to train yourself to orgasm without ejaculating meaning you can climax multiple times!

Solo play is important for practising and preparation as it allows you to understand and explore what gets you off. Allowing yourself to tip over into orgasm, without falling off the cliff edge into ejaculation, takes a lot of self awareness and self control. Which is where sex toys can be helpful. According to recent research from Lovehoney only one third (35%) of men have masturbated with a sex toy, compared to nearly three quarters of women. Sex toys can enhance the experience – 65% of males who have used them agree. Whilst one in three (33%) said it helps control ejaculation speed which is what we are after when trying to experience multiple orgasms.

A male masturbator like the Blowmotion Power Heat Warming Rechargeable Vibrating Male Masturbator with a 6 inch canal and a heated interior are more similar to the inside of the vagina, mouth or anus than your hands. So using one, allows you to learn what types of strokes are too stimulating and what you are able to handle before being tipped over the edge.

Edging is an important masturbation technique to learn about your journey into orgasm. You’ll need to know exactly what your build up feels like at different stages, what it feels like when you’re getting close, getting really close, and where your ‘point of no return’ is. 

Practising Kegel exercises every day can help you last longer in bed, give you more intense orgasms, help you achieve harder erections, and yes, helps you learn to orgasm without ejaculating. This builds endurance and you will need to be able to hold this tension for around 20 seconds or more to separate orgasm from ejaculation.

So a few easy steps using the edging technique, bring yourself right up close to your point of no return, then squeeze your pelvic floor for a long kegel hold, it might also help to hold the base of your penis tighty with your hand – which can help stop the urge to ejaculate. You should then feel the sensation of orgams hit a second or two before you physically ejaculate – this is partial orgasm separation.

To achieve multiple orgasms it takes practise. Before your point of no return, squeeze your pelvic floor and visualise the feeling of orgasm filling your entire body. It’s just about learning your own body and its timings. Although this might be a frustrating process, it just means more practice and focus but the commitment will lead to the ultimate rewards.

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