How Thessy Kouzoukas Lost 19kgs After Giving Birth

How Thessy Kouzoukas Lost 19kgs After Giving Birth

by | Aug 27, 2020

From battling Stage 4 endometriosis to the obstacles of IVF treatment, the birth of daughter Zani to her postpartum recovery – Thessy Kouzoukas’ body has been well and truly tested over the past few years.

And now the Sabo Skirt co-founder is opening up about her weight loss journey in the lead up to her wedding in July. 




As a refresher, Thessy received worldwide recognition for her brutally honest account of living with endometriosis after she was forced to undergo surgery to remove a 14cm cyst, one of her ovaries and both of her fallopian tubes. The young designer was then told she’d need to go through IVF with her partner if she wished to conceive. The couple went through multiple treatments before falling pregnant in early 2018 and welcoming their first daughter Zani nine months later. 

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In a post on Instagram, the 27-year-old revealed that she gained 23 kilograms during her pregnancy and she’s “not ashamed or upset” to share it.

“I know my body performed a miracle and I love myself for it,” Thessy wrote. “In saying this, I have a wedding I have dreamt my whole life about and I don’t want to get to two months out and go on a crash diet. So I decided to do this the proper way. My main priority is being a mother but I found the time and dedication to exercise for 45 mins daily.”

Thessy started using the FitazFK App to help with her training, nutrition and keeping her accountable. 

“I take my phone with me and use the gym section of the app, and do 1 cardio session and 1 resistance session every single day. Days that I can’t make it to the gym (if I’m behind on work or Zani is sleeping) I’ll switch to “home work out” in the app,” she said.

“I am not one of these women who “bounce back” and look like I didn’t grow a human. I’m fking loving this process of getting fitter than I ever have been!”

Over five months, Thessy has lost 19 kilograms and she says she’s stronger than ever. 

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“Before I feel pregnant I liked to think I was active but now looking back at it, I wasn’t terrible but it was not very consistent,” she says. 

She’s now taking on their 8 Week Challenge to reach her final goal weight before the big day. It’s not too late to join the challenge, head here to get involved

Find out more about Thessy’s fitness journey in the video below…

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