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How Syncing Your Beauty Routine To Your Menstrual Cycle Can Give You Clearer Skin

Cycle syncing - meet beauty routine.

By Anna Mitsios, Nutritionist, Naturopath and Founder of Edible Beauty Australia 

The female body is a force to be reckoned with, and we are reminded of this month on month thanks to our menstrual cycle. We go through a lot; from cramps to mood swings to bloating, our period is a lot more than meets the eye. 

Our beloved skin is sadly a victim when it comes to hormonal changes. Whether it’s a case of the pesky chin pimple, excess oil or dryness, it seems as if we face it all (pun intended). As much as you may want to hide away with a tub of ice cream during the most tedious time of the month, life must go on. Your usual skincare routine won’t cut it during your cycle, so here’s what to do to accommodate these complexion concerns. 

‘Cycle syncing’ doesn’t just refer to what happens when you women spend too much time together. It’s a term used to describe the art of adapting your skincare routine to your cycle, and switching up which products you’re using to boost that healthy glow. 

Your period has four main phases, each with its own unique qualities and effects on your body.

First up: menstruation.

During the first week of your period, your most hydrating hormones, estrogen and progesterone, are at their lowest and blood circulation is low. This can leave your skin feeling dull, dry, and sensitive.

It’s important to keep your skin hydrated and lively during this phase, focusing on products rich in moisture and free from irritants.

Upping hydration on the inside is also a great idea! I recommend warming teas to simultaneously stimulate hydration and circulation – grating and steeping fresh ginger root or enjoying herbal teas during this time would be my recommendation.

Once your period has finished, you move into the follicular phase and the ovulatory phase, lasting around two weeks.

The follicular phase is when our estrogen levels start to rise and our skin reaps the benefits with a dewy and bouncy complexion being normal during this time. This is when our body begins to prepare for ovulation, so here’s how to equip your skin to suit. 

This is the time when  hydration is at its highest and skin is more resilient, so you can treat your skin to some more intensive treatments like exfoliation or retinoids to support collagen production and prepare for the oily days to come. A Vitamin C serum would also be valuable during this phase for an even better chance of extending your ovulatory glow.

While experiencing higher estrogen during the peak ovulation, it’s always important to prioritise sun protection with a high SPF not only to avoid hyperpigmentation but to keep you looking young and flawless.

The final phase of your cycle is the Luteal phase, otherwise known as the oiliest time of the month.

This is when your estrogen and testosterone levels decrease, while progesterone is at its highest, causing increased sebum production, clogged pores, sensitivity and inflammation.

Don’t let that intimidate you, you’ve come so far! Your perfect skin can be easily maintained during this time by finding the perfect cleanser to keep those pores clean. Try our No. 1 Belle Frais Cleansing Milk to rid your skin of surface impurities, but also keep natural oils balanced. It contains Salicylic Acid for mild exfoliation, which also helps to minimise the appearance of pores.

Congratulations! You made it through your menstrual cycle and your complexion is looking radiant as ever. Remember that your skin is a powerful organ that is constantly changing, so make sure to take care of it accordingly and find what is right for you. Once you learn how to adjust your routine to suit your hormonal needs, your skin will thank you all year-round. 

About the Author:

Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 18 marked a real turning point in Anna’s life. She began to search for natural solutions (nutrition and herbal remedies) to help manage the autoimmune condition. While working in corporate finance in Sydney and New York, Anna also took up studies in naturopathy; a step towards making her passion her career. 

Working as a naturopath in a Sydney fertility clinic, Anna grew fed up with the lack of skincare that was safe and clean, especially for pregnant women. So, in 2014 she created a range of products – using Australian botanicals and luxury ingredients – that is so pure you could eat it. 

After hours of research, cosmetic chemist meetings, more study, and formulating samples, Edible Beauty was born in Anna’s garage! From 2014 she was stocking the shelves at Sephora Pitt Street, when the store first opened, and within two months Edible Beauty was being sold internationally. 

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