10 Couples Explain How Marriage Changes Your Relationship

10 Couples Explain Exactly How Marriage Changes Your Relationship

by | Jun 27, 2018

If Sex & The City taught us anything (aside from the fact that movie sequels should not be a thing) it’s that marriage totally kills romance (case in point: when Big bought Carrie a flat-screen TV for their 2nd wedding anniversary).

But despite this iconic plotline, the jury’s still out: some people agree getting hitched has irrevocably changed their relationship, but others say they haven’t noticed a difference at all. Thankfully, (via Reddit) these 10 newlyweds are settling the debate once and for all.

1. It’s exactly the same

2. I feel more secure in myself

3. It’s brought us closer

4. The sex is better

5. It’s changed our social lives

6. He’s grown up a lot 

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7. Others are more supportive of us

BeautyDance’s comment from discussion “Newlyweds (less than 3 years married) , how has your relationship changed since getting married?”

8. Our idea of ‘fun’ is different

9. It’s made me a better person

10. Our bond is stronger than ever

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