11 Women Describe In Detail Exactly What Anal Sex Feels Like

11 Women Describe In Detail Exactly What Anal Sex Feels Like

“It’s like a force multiplier for orgasms.” - by Lucy Bode

Admit it, you’re curious. Maybe, you and your partner have talked about anal sex or perhaps it’s still a secret sexual fantasy. You wanna try it, but you just haven’t … yet.

Here, via Reddit, 7 women get real about what butt play actually feels like, so you know exactly what to expect.

“At the beginning it sort of feels like you need to have a poop but I find that pretty quickly disappears into just an amaaaazing pleasure. I feel everything in there. I find my anus itself is incredibly sensitive & the in and out motion is highly pleasurable. I love the feeling of him pushing right in and being all filled up.” [Via]

“It’s like a force multiplier for orgasms. Anything I could experience through clitoral stimulation is enhanced X100 and the orgasm is more of a full-body sensation originating through the entire pelvis rather than just the clitoris. I don’t do anal sex too often since it takes a lot of work to do it right, but damn do I love wearing a butt plug when I masturbate.” [Via]

It’s like a slimey backwards poop going in and out of you and its just very unpleasant for me.” [Via]

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“It does start out feeling like I have to poop, yeah, but with some relaxation and a good partner, that feeling goes away after half a minute and is replaced by a deep pleasure. There’s less lubrication so I feel everything more (I do think lube should be used but too much takes away from it) and I feel that it’s more intimate because I have to trust my guy to know what he’s doing and move the right way. Otherwise, when done wrong, it can be really painful. I’ve had to deal with residual pain, sometimes for a few days afterward, when that happens.” [Via]

“If I go through all the necessary preparation with a couples plugs and/or dildos and plenty of lube, it almost feels like I have a second vagina.” [Via]

“Usually initial entry is painful. End up adding more lube. After that… I want his dick as far as it will go, and fingers filling all available orifices please. I usually get off in about… thirty seconds lol Edit: as a side note, I personally feel a great sense of increased attachment after having anal with my man.” [Via]

“I LOVE ANAL. So during PIV I have awesome spots he hits when he goes REALLY deep. He hits those same spots during anal like 3 inches in -from the other direction if that makes sense. AMAZING.” [Via]

“Like reverse pooping. Really weird, really uncomfortable.” [Via]

“I’ve never loved it to be honest until recently. Never bad.. just ‘meh’. Recently I had it with a slightly larger than average cock (and i was terrified) but for some reason? It was amazing. I couldn’t stop shaking through the entire experience, just like my entire body got the shivers and wouldn’t stop. I don’t know if it was because I was so comfortable, or turned on, or the record-breaking amount of lube we used? but I LOVED it, and I can’t wait to do it again soon.” [Via]

“For me I just feel intense pressure and like my entire pelvis is on fire (in the best way possible) the first few times it was a little painful, but once I got the hang of it I managed to work up a routine. It’s a big part of my sex life now to say the least.” [Via]

“Painful, unsexy, not enjoyable and overall a bad time.” [Via]

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