The Way You Board A Plane Can Affect Your Chances Of Getting Sick

The Way You Board A Plane Can Affect Your Chances Of Getting Sick

by | Oct 17, 2018

Let’s be honest – planes are basically a cesspit of germs. And there’s nothing worse than coming down with something just before you jet off on holidays.


But new research has revealed that how you board said cesspit can have an impact on how sickness is spread.

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Researchers from Arizona State University used a mathematical model to analyse a range of boarding scenarios and compare the trajectory of transmitting ebola from one passenger. The found that the priority boarding method, i.e. first class onwards (which most airlines employ) is the most dangerous, as an infected individual sitting in the rear of the plane is more likely to affect more passengers on their way through.

Theirs tests showed that a two-section and randomized boarding system would reduce the risk of coming in contact with the infected individual by 27 percent.

And while we’re super concerned with catching ebola on our way to Bali, if you spot someone having a sneezing fit at the gate perhaps wait until last to board. And stock up on hand sanitiser.

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