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Hit Your Protein Goals With These Awesome-Tasting Protein Powders

Get ready to take your workouts - and wellbeing - next level.

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Not all protein supplements are made equal so it can be tricky to choose the healthiest fit for you. Soul Nutrition is all about providing premium quality supplements and sports nutrition powders formulated for optimum performance –  and with your health top of mind. 

What this Aussie-made brand does is take out all the artificial stuff and leave just the natural goodness, so you know you’re only putting the best into your body.  And not only does this elevated range of protein supplements help boost your wellness goals, they’ll easily satisfy your taste goals too. 

Soul Nutrition’s range of Whey Protein Powder, Vegan Protein Powder and Earth Protein Powder are all offered in mouth-watering flavours of salted caramel, creamy vanilla, chocolate swirl, peanut butter bliss and cookies n cream.  Not only that, Soul Nutrition makes snackable Apple Cider Vinegar gummies too, with all the benefits of the superfood in supporting digestion, immunity and weight loss but without that unpleasant tart taste- it’s just sweet apple! 

So whether you’re building muscle, managing your weight loss goals or wanting to recover rapidly from those challenging workouts, adding a Soul Nutrition protein powder in your life is going to get you there quicker. 

So which all-natural blend is the right fit for me?  

1. Choose Soul Nutrition Whey Protein Powder: If you eat dairy.

Dairy-based and perfect for both lean muscle growth and fast training recovery. Packed with vital amino acids and over 30g protein per serve, it’s a top-quality blend of both WPC (whey protein concentrate) – a slower digesting protein – and WPI (whey protein isolate) – a fast-digesting protein – to make it the ultimate all-rounder. No artificial flavours or sweeteners.  

2. Choose Soul Nutrition Vegan Protein Powder: If you are plant-based.

A delicious alternative to dairy proteins for accelerating muscle recovery while causing less inflammation to the digestive tract. Blended with pea protein, brown rice protein and all-natural flavours, it’s packed with vital amino acids but not artificial colours or flavours. Low in sugar and carbohydrates, so it makes a great protein choice for those watching their weight too. 

3. Choose Soul Nutrition Earth Protein Powder: If you are vego (or vegan).

Non-dairy and suitable for vegetarians or vegans keen to speed up post-workout muscle recovery.  It’s blended from pea protein and natural flavours and packed with vital amino acids, with no artificial flavours. Also easier to digest and low in sugar and carbohydrates to smash those weight management goals. 

When should I take my Soul Nutrition protein powder?

For lean muscle – post-workout to build strength and recover.

For weight management – in a morning smoothie helping you to feel fuller throughout the day and help balance blood sugar levels 

For better sleep – just before bed. Helping you to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep for longer. 

How do I use it? 

Just add one serve of Soul Nutrition Protein powder to a shaker with 250ml or milk or your favourite dairy-free milk. Shake for about 30 seconds and enjoy! Try blending it with ice into your favourite smoothie too.

Shop the full range from protein brand Soul Nutrition exclusively via Amazon Australia.

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