Science Confirms You Suffer Way Worse Hangovers In Your 30s

Science Confirms You Suffer Way Worse Hangovers In Your 30s

by | Jan 7, 2020

As someone who suffered for FOUR DAYS post-New Years, I can categorically tell you that hangovers do get worse with age. My anecdotal evidence is in line with the experiences of plenty of others too.

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A recent survey commissioned by Entity Health found that almost a quarter of all Aussies experience hangovers regularly, with 44 per cent of respondents in their 30s experiencing one at least once a month. In the 18-29 age bracket, this dropped to 35 per cent.

Consulting dietitian at Entity Health, Teri Lichtenstein, said of the findings: “The results indicate that drinking peaks in our thirties, and this may be a time in our lives when our bodies suffer the effects from excess alcohol more easily.”

Dw, guys. It’s not all bad news.

The researchers saw a huge drop in hangover rates among those in their forties. Just 9 per cent had a hangover at least every week, and 20 per cent had a hangover at least every month.

“The best way to minimise hangover symptoms and not feel the negative effects is to cut back or avoid drinking altogether,” Lichtenstein added. “However, we understand that drinking is a common part of events and parties during the festive season. Keeping drinking to a minimum – two or three glasses, with food and water in between each – helps to keep the hangovers at bay.”

Keeping hydrated is key here, Lichtenstein stressed.

“Make sure you intersperse the alcoholic drinks with glasses of water to stay hydrated and be aware of the size of your glass as often a drink served at a party can contain 2-3 standard servings of alcohol in one go! To help manage the festive season, make sure you eat well, exercise regularly and have at least a few no-alcohol days during the week.”

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