Hailey Bieber's Acne-Clearing Hack Is So Darn Simple

Hailey Bieber’s Acne-Clearing Hack Is So Darn Simple

It seems like Hailey Bieber rolled out of the womb with glowy supermodel skin (we’ve trolled the darkest depths of the Internet and are yet to find a snap to suggest otherwise.) Still, she’s made it pretty clear on Instagram that she’s battled with blemishes her whole life – be it birth control-induced acne or pesky perioral dermatitis.

It begs the question… how does she keep it all under wraps?

It obviously starts with good nutrition and a religious skin care routine (Hailey swears by the Blood Type Diet and has a penchant for French beauty buys.) But she does have another complexion-clearing hack: swimming in the ocean.

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The 23-year-old is currently on vacay in an undisclosed tropical location (fair) and she’s been posting stories to IG showing fans what she’s been up to.

“My skin is always the best when I’ve spent time in the ocean… ever wonder why?? Me too,” she captioned one pic of a crystal-clear beach. She followed this up with a second envy-inducing image, writing: “Sometimes nature is the ultimate beauty hack :)”





Below, Dr Kemi Fabusiwa, director of The Joyful Skin Clinic, explains why sea water seems to clear up acne.

“The high concentrations of salt in ocean water has long been known for its exfoliating properties on the skin, which help to draw out impurities and unclog the pores,” Dr Fabusiwa told Cosmopolitan UK.

“Salt water also has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This reduces the number of acne-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin and helps to promote wound healing.”

Salt also helps to naturally “dry out” the skin, which is especially useful for those who are prone to oiliness, “as the water from the ocean draws out excess sebum resulting in more balanced skin.”

So, for all the folk (*raises hand*) who aren’t lucky enough to be on hols right now… will table salt work the same?

“There is a difference in the composition of minerals in salt from the ocean versus salt from the table,” Dr Fabusiwa continued. “Sea salt contains minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium in a particular composition that is beneficial for skin health.” Brb, off to stock up on masks containing sea salt.

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