The Internet Is Divided Over This US Gym’s “Selfie Room”

The Internet Is Divided Over This Gym’s Introduction Of A “Selfie Room”

by | Apr 6, 2018

You’re either rolling your eyes at the person posing for a sweaty selfie or you’re lining up behind them to take advantage of that prime lighting. Yep, when it comes to taking pictures at the gym you’re either a lover or a hater, there is no in between.

Case in point: the online debate over a US gym’s plans to introduce a dedicated “selfie room”.

Off the back of a survey that found 43 percent of people had taken photos or videos of themselves while working out, The Edge Fitness Club decided to offer the first-of-its-kind-space at their Fairfield location.

The room would be dedicated to post-workout photoshoots, equipped with good lighting, grooming products and fitness accessories.

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And of course, plenty of people on the Internet had opinions. Some were strongly against…

While others could see the merits of the space…

Either way, according to Health, The Edge has put the idea on hold for now.

“The Edge is taking into account the feedback they received from our members and are evaluating from there.”

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