Georgia Love Claps Back At Body Shamers For Making Her Feel Like She's ‘Not Good Enough’

Georgia Love Clap Backs At Comments Scrutinising Her Body

by | Oct 21, 2019

We can all agree that body-shaming is rude, unnecessary and straight-up bullying… still, that doesn’t seem to deter the trolls on social media. Unfortunately, Georgia Love has copped more than her fair share of it as of late – and finally, she’s hitting back at the haters.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, the 31-year-old posted a snap with her fiancé Lee that was taken at a wedding over the weekend. Her intention? To nip any negative comments about her figure in the bud.

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“To everyone commenting on Lee’s post last night: No, I’m not pregnant. No I haven’t just eaten pasta or had a big lunch. This is just how I look. And I’m really, really sick of being made to feel like it’s not good enough,” she captioned the post. “This is a happy photo of two happy people celebrating their friends’ wedding. In what world should my body come into it?”

Instead of focusing on her appearance, Georgia told her followers to “feel free” to weigh in on the beautiful nuptials, compliment her outfit or note how nice it was to see the couple together after spending time apart.

“Or, if you REALLY feel the need to comment on how I look, you can point out how good my bum looks when I wasn’t even wearing underwear ????????‍♀️,” she added.

In as little as an hour, the post has been liked more than 14,000 times, with hundreds of fans sending support Georgia’s way.

“Preach sister!! ???? You both look stunning,” one user wrote. “I can’t believe in this day and age people feel it’s their right to make those sorts of comments. We should feel sorry for them as they clearly have their own insecurities,” added another.

Then, this person summed up our thoughts entirely, writing “Society has lost the plot.” Can we get an amen? Stay strong, Georgia. 

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