The Full Sturgeon Moon In Aquarius Is Here To Make You Question All Of Your Relationships

The Full Sturgeon Moon In Aquarius Is Here To Make You Question All Of Your Relationships

by | Aug 14, 2019

On August 15, a “Full Sturgeon Moon” is happening in the sign of Aquarius, and it’s stirring up a lot of YOLO vibes, according to certified astrologer Donna Page.

Here’s what you can expect from this particularly special full moon, plus how it’s going to impact your future.

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What is the Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius?

JIC you’re not up to date with your astronomy terms, a full moon happens when the whole moon is lit up, making it a big, round ball in the sky.

This moon is called a Full Sturgeon Moon because some Native American tribes in what is now the northeastern U.S. knew that the sturgeon (a type of fish) in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were easiest to catch during this time, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. (Other tribes gave the moon names like the “Full Green Corn Moon,” “Wheat Cut Moon,” “Moon When All Things Ripen,” and “Blueberry Moon.”)

How will the Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius impact your zodiac sign?

Aquarius has a super-strong humanitarian vibe, and this particular full moon will make you reflect on your connections with friends, the world, and your personal contributions to humanity, Page says. So, ya know, kinda important stuff.

You’ll also start to mull over some #deep questions, like where you belong, who you connect with, and who are your ~true~ friends—not just those you rehash the latest ep of The Bachelor with.



At the same time, you’ll crave something different in your life. Ready to try out a new restaurant? Yep. Plan a vacay somewhere totally off the beaten path? Down. Have the guts to try that new class at your gym that seems a little, uh, much? Bring. It. On!

While you’re digging deep into your connections with others, you’ll also start to think about what makes you and everyone else similar on some level. Sure, your boss can be kind of intense, but at least you both have a thing for cat memes. That’s something, right?

Btw, the day before the full moon happens, there is a conjunction between Venus and the Sun. (In astrology, a conjunction is when two separate things unite and blend their energies.) “It’s considered an extremely sacred time for Venus,” Page explains.

Expect this to stir up vibes urging you to look inside yourself and discover the core truth of what’s most important to you. The best part of this Venus conjunction? When everything’s said and done, you’ll be more than ready to follow your heart.

All zodiac signs will experience the energy of the full moon, but Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio will feel it the most, Page says.


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What does the full moon in Aquarius mean for the rest of your year?

Deep thoughts can lead to some big changes (because duh). Maybe you’ll realise the buddy you’ve been hanging out with lately doesn’t really get you—and you’ll start spending more energy on friends who do. You also may find that you’re not cool with how much (or how little) you’re adding to the world at the moment and will start volunteering in an effort to change that.

And while you’re out there trying new things, you may even discover stuff that you’ll want to incorporate into your daily life. It could be as minor as realising you actually do like golden turmeric lattes and making that your new go-to drink, or as big as finding a different career path.

Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to branch out into new areas. Doing something out of the ordinary can open up all kinds of doors for you.



When is the next full moon?

The next full moon is happening in the sign of Pisces on September 14, Page says. That can make you feel a little more sensitive than usual, while also craving some more creativity in your life. (Gee, sounds fun…)

For now, focus on figuring out how you can feel the most connected to other people—and the world. It’s kind of a BFD.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US. 

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