Exclusive: Kayla Itsines Has Launched A New Low Impact Program

Exclusive: Kayla Itsines Has Launched A New Low Impact Program

by | Apr 12, 2021

We love Kayla Itsines here at Women’s Health, so we’re super excited to share her newest program, Available exclusively in the Sweat app!

The new Low-Impact Program has been inspired by her mum, Anna, who hates jumping and has previously found high-intensity workouts too challenging. Like so many women, Anna was searching for a realistic fitness program to build her strength and fitness but couldn’t find a program to meet her needs. So Kayla created her new program to deliver a low impact, low intensity, effective workout without jumping or burpees for women who are looking for a workout option that is achievable and enjoyable.

Suitable for women of all fitness levels, Low Impact with Kayla is an eight-week circuit training program, starting with four beginner weeks featuring exercises to build foundational strength and fitness without placing stress and pressure on your joints. With three easy to follow workouts per week, women are able to build their overall fitness and endurance whilst easing load on joints and reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, these workouts are quiet and great for women who live in an apartment and cant jump or are looking to exercise quietly while the members of their household are sleeping. Kayla is so excited to be bringing this program to women everywhere and to start training with her mum at home this month.

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