A Day In The Life Of Olympic Swimmer Emma McKeon

A Day In The Life Of Olympic Swimmer Emma McKeon

by | Feb 5, 2018


“As soon as I get up, I go straight to the pool. I have a small snack on my way out, usually a quick banana.”


“Stretch before jumping into the pool for two hours of training. Today I did some sprint stuff because we had a hard session to get ready for in the afternoon. If it was a Monday or a Friday, I’d be doing a one-hour gym session to work on my strength, so that when I get in the pool I can move through the water better and faster.”


“I head home [which is on the Gold Coast with Jordan Wilimovsky, an American open-water swimmer who is training with our swim team at the moment]. Breakfast is Weet-Bix and honey, plus peanut butter toast. Then I might have a half-hour nap.”


“I have a morning snack, usually yoghurt and fruit. Depending on what day it is, I’ll also have a physio appointment. They will focus on my shoulders because I use them so much, then just any other little niggly or tight things that need maintenance. So far I’ve been pretty lucky not to have any proper injuries, just little niggly things that will go away after some regular physio treatment.”


“Lunchtime. I usually have leftovers, or toast with avocado and tomato. Then I study [when uni is on]. I’m studying Public Health Nutrition part time. I really like it and I’m about halfway through my degree now. When uni is on holidays, I spend this time resting, watching television or catching up on reading.”


“We’re back in the pool by 3:20pm and swim for two hours. The afternoon is always the main set, so it’s a harder session. We did time trial-type stuff and high-lactate kinda work today. I like doing this sort of training because it’s more based on the race. So, for my 200m freestyle, I’m practising the pace that I’ll do in the race, trying to hit the time for each lap. I stretch a bit after that, and use a trigger [spiky] ball anywhere my body’s sore. Then I have a Musashi vanilla protein shake.”


“I try to make something quick for dinner because I’m so hungry. Tonight I had Thai green chicken curry.”


“After dinner I either watch TV or read a book. I’ve only just finished watching Stranger Things, and I just read Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, which was really good.”


“I’m in bed by now because I want to get at least eight hours sleep a night before I get back in the pool.”

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