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Elsa Pataky Is Our April 2021 Cover Star!

The poster girl for the growing flood of fitspiration.

Last September, I did something I never, ever dreamed would be physically (or mentally) possible; ran 62km in a 31-hour, non-stop relay event, as the only female in a team of six self-confessed exercise extremists. And, to be honest, I loved every single second of it.

Through two gruelling nights and one full day, we pushed through the pain cave and pounded the same loop of Bondi (on repeat) until we finally crossed the finish line exhausted but totally triumphant at 4am on September 7.

For us, it was unfinished business, when the event we’d been training to tackle in March 2020 (The Speed Project, one of the most brutal underground running events in the world) was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Just a few short years ago, if you’d asked if I would ever contemplate running from Los Angeles to Las Vegas (through Death Valley) the answer would have been a resounding “Hell No!”. As the famously unsporty one in a sporty family growing up, exercise was, well (let’s be real) not my jam.

Until one snap decision – setting the seemingly crazy goal of being able to run 10km for a milestone birthday (which may or may not have involved a 4 and a O) – quickly escalated into a genuine passion for running and exercise in general that has transformed every area of my life for the better.

I feel stronger, fitter and infinitely more capable – both personally and professionally – in this decade than I ever did at 30. And could literally run rings around my 20-year-old self.

The lesson here? If you ask me, it’s all connected to two of the biggest health and fitness trends experts are seeing unfold right across the globe.

Number one: something science has long backed-up, the importance of exercise for physical and mental health. And, number two, the growing number of women in their 40s utterly smashing it on the fitness front.

The Eating And Exercise Habits Behind Elsa Pataky’s Seriously Strong Physique

This issue’s cover star, Elsa Pataky, could practically be the poster girl for this growing flood of fitspiration. Known for her love of yoga, she’s recently taken up strength training, supervised by UK athlete, adventurer and world record holder Ross Edgely. And as you’ll read in our exclusive interview, it’s completely revolutinsed her body, mind and fitness world.

As she said when we last caught up with her for a WH podcast “Exercise is such a powerful tool, it’s saved me from some of my lowest moments.” And, after the rollercaster ride that was 2020, I think we can all say a very big “Hell Yes!” to that.

Read a sneak peek of what this incredible woman has to say here, and I guarantee you’ll walk away feeling ready to take on the world. In the meantime, mark your calendars for our on-sale date: March 11.

Jacqueline Mooney

By Jacqueline Mooney

Former editor & content director.

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