The Old Curiosity Releases Range Of Echinacea Gin

Under The Weather? Let Us Introduce You To Echinacea Gin

by | Aug 27, 2020

Here’s a fun fact to help you justify skipping mum’s chicken soup in favour of a G&T: flu-fighting cocktails are a legit thing, and frankly, they’re delicious.

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Scottish gin distillery The Old Curiosity has released a range made from natural herbs and flowers. It comes in three flavours: chamomile and cornflower, apothecary rose and lavender and echinacea (FYI, the latter tastes like potpourri, peppercorns and Turkish delight.) They also change colour (from purple to pink) when mixed with tonic thanks to the botanical blends sensitive pH levels.

The best part? The concoctions contain no nasty chemicals or additives. Even more reason to bin the Benadryl!

Find it at Dan Murphy’s ($64.99 for 500ml.) We’ll be the ones waiting in line.

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