Demi Lovato Just Posted A No-Makeup Selfie Showing Off Her Acne

Demi Lovato Just Posted A No-Makeup Selfie Showing Off Her Acne

by | Mar 21, 2019

Singer Demi Lovato is so not sorry for posting her latest makeup-free selfie on Instagram.

In her latest IG Story, she’s laying in bed, clearly ready to fall asleep. Then, she pans from what looks like just another pretty, no-makeup selfie (I mean, she looks incredible!), but when she zooms, you get a glimpse of her pimple care regimen.

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Can you see it yet? Demi’s wearing a pimple patch! 



These spot treatments are usually infused with anti-acne ingredients like tea tree oil (like the Peter Thomas Roth ones here), salicylic acid, or glycolic acid.

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peter thomas roth

They’re meant to be worn overnight, and work by creating a barrier over the pimple, trapping in all those good anti-zit meds. You’re likely to see a noticeable difference overnight.

And if you can’t wait until bedtime to try and clear your pimple? As you can see on Demi, they blend into lighter skin tones pretty easily so you could get away with wearing them during the day too. (Demi knows her skincare stuff. She even had her own line, Devonne by Demi a few years back.)

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US

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