Constance Hall Just Shared The BEST Definition Of What It Means To Be Sexy

Constance Hall Just Shared The BEST Definition Of What It Means To Be Sexy

by | May 27, 2019

Trust Constance Hall to always keep it real for her followers – despite loads of people letting their opinions on her body be heard. The mummy blogger just finished a stint on Dancing With The Stars, where she was criticised for everything from her ‘grubbiness’ to her ‘boobs flying everywhere.’ And now, just weeks after show wrapped up, the mummy blogger has revealed just how “deeply effected” she was by the experience.  

“You see in that world there is one type of sexy and you are pushed to become that no matter who you are,” she began her moving Insta post. “Your Rolley tummies are hidden with corsets, your flabby thighs, hidden with tights. Everything is smoothed out with a spray tan as the professional dancing woman is pointed at and you are told to just be her.”

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She continued: “Your body will bend in ways it doesn’t want to, your face will pull expressions it has no desire to. Nobody cares if you’re a best-selling author or have 7 beautiful kids of put your heart and soul into a house full of angelic babies in Kenya. U just need to suck in that belly. Because there is one type of sexy and tits that leak milk and slightly overgrown armpit hair is not that type.”

The 34-year-old went on to explain that she “of course” obliged, when the opportunity to be a contestant presented itself. “It’s just a TV show right? At most it’s only 3 months of my life,” she recalled thinking. But just three months of “squeezing this triangle into a square hole” took its toll on her emotionally and physically – more than she initially realised.

Thankfully though, time away from the cameras has helped her regain her confidence in her body and herself.

“One month home and real sexy has kicked back in,” she wrote. “I see individualism, I see power, in all the different shades of women I meet. A tiny woman with blue eyes, a shaved head and a skull tat, a woman getting get kids and shopping in the car who stopped for a moment to do a little dance and make her baby laugh, a surfer woman in a wetsuit with long wet hair and strong broad shoulders. Everywhere I look I see sex appeal in women who own their shit on the daily.”

“And then yesterday I turned on my Instagram and saw some beautiful professional dancers doing their thing. And the bruises on the corners of my triangle shaped soul ached a bit, those three months effected my love handles and my front bum and that bit of skin between my boobs and armpit that nearly suffocated it was hidden for so long.”

“I don’t know what type of sexy you are but you are. Imagine [if] we raised our children to know that each and every one of us is born with the same amount of sex appeal, only one has been allowed to shine. Sexy isn’t the way you look, it’s the way you shine.”

Judging by the support Constance’s words received –  28,390 IG likes and counting – it’s safe to say her message is one we all needed to hear.

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