Camilla Franks Is Removing Her Ovaries After Inheriting BRCA1 Gene Mutation

Camilla Franks Is Removing Her Ovaries After Inheriting BRCA1 Gene Mutation

by | Oct 22, 2019

12 months after Aussie designer Camilla Franks completed treatment for breast cancer, she’s hit yet another speed bump on her journey to recovery: the new mum has learned she’s inherited the BRCA1 gene mutation, requiring her ovaries be removed.

“Today marks the milestone of one-year post-treatment,” the 43-year-old shared on Instagram. “⁠I write to you today as a WOMAN.⁠ A woman who is proud, A woman who is fierce, A woman who is relieved and grateful, but above all – A woman who is alive.”

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Camilla also explained that she had always intended to be transparent about the highs and lows following her diagnosis. “To share my experiences and stories for women who may have been walking the same treacherous path, but the following cards I kept close to my chest as I navigated the battlefield that was CANCER.”

“So, here it is…,” she continued. “I was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer that was a result of BRCA1 gene mutation, something I didn’t know I carried up until last year. Those carrying the gene have a 79% chance of developing breast cancer, while 44% of us will face ovarian cancer. After 6 months of what my doctors called the “bazooka” of intense chemotherapy, I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction.”

Camilla reflects on this period as “without a doubt” her most challenging time to date. “Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and on this day, although my journey is not quite over, as I prepare to remove my ovaries in order to save my life. It is in making this decision, that I have never felt more WOMAN.”

In a series of follow up posts, she added: “This past year I have cried endless tears of fear, despair, confusion and helplessness. I have been robbed of things I will never know again. But at this milestone today, the tears I shed are of gratitude and pride.”

“For every person who has been touched by cancer, those who stand alongside a loved one, for those in the midst of their own battle or those who are left behind when a fight is lost…. know that you are not alone. I hear you, I see you, I feel you and I love you. And where there is love, there is hope. And for that, you have to keep going.”

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