Parenting Burns As Many Calories As 42,759 Burpees A Month

Parenting Burns As Many Calories As 42,759 Burpees A Month

by | Nov 6, 2019

As any parent will tell you, stealing time to go to the gym out can be a major mission with a newborn in tow. After all, the little sleep, leaking boobs and clothes that wreak of spew aren’t exactly conducive to endless workout motivation.

But if you’re currently feeling guilty for skipping out on a sweat sesh in favour of extra couch time, don’t be. Coz new research has found that being a mum burns major cals regardless.  

According to the study, conducted by Wren Kitchens, the general duties associated with parenting torch up to 1478 calories a day. Which, btw, roughly equates to 42,759 burpees a month.

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For their research, researchers recruited 1000 adults with kids between 3 and 6 years of age. Each participant was surveyed to find out what their daily activities were (e.g. cooking meals, pushing a stroller) and how much time they spent doing these to calculate their average calorie expenditure. Interestingly, carrying small children and dressing, bathing and feeding them torched the most fat.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the calories burned via daily activities vs weekly activities:

After some more intensive ways to get in shape? Check out this workout for busy mums – and five tips for sticking with it.

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