Bryce And Melissa From MAFS Might Be Getting Their Own Spinoff Show

Bryce And Melissa From MAFS Might Be Getting Their Own Spinoff Show

Just when you thought Married At First Sight was over and you could go back to watching shows that actually elevated your intelligence or at least proved to be an interesting conversation at the dinner table, the beast has once again reared its ugly head. After a final episode that delivered more scandals by way of Bec’s vlog cam and suggested Bryce still hasn’t come clean about his secret girlfriend, reports suggest that the one couple we all refuse to stan could be getting their own spinoff show. Yep, the controversial coupling that is Bryce and Melissa could just be getting a series together. 

Despite all the antics surrounding their rather troubling relationship, it seems the pair have done what they set out to do: find love. And though the public can only question just how solid this relationship is when the very foundation it was built on seems pot-holed with lies and deceit, they seem to be living in blissful ignorance and, if Bryce’s comments during the final episode are to be believed, are even talking about getting married for real and starting a family. 

In a recent interview with Woman’s Day, Bryce revealed the startling news that the pair are in talks to have their own series, telling the publication, “We’re actually in talks to have our own reality show.”

To this, Melissa added: “It’d be amazing to showcase why we love each other so much and who we are outside of the show because we’re just two normal people, and maybe we weren’t supposed to be together but we’ve overcome all the odds.”

If by odds you mean persistent rumours that Bryce had a secret girlfriend for the duration of filming only to then gaslight Melissa and continually alienate her from the rest of the contestants on the show, then yeah, those were some pretty considerable odds. But the pair remain adamant that they are happy and loved up, so maybe it is a case that the rest of us simply need to bite our tongue and get on board. 

As for the reality show, speculation surrounding what the series could entail is rife. Some suggest it could be a one-off wedding special, while others believe it could be a more meaty project, following in a similar vein to Keeping Up With The Kardashians in its portrayal of their lives. Regardless, this is a car crash we can’t look away from.

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