Kim K's Trainer Explains How To Do Bicep Curls Correctly

Kim K’s Trainer Explains How To Do Bicep Curls Correctly

by | Oct 8, 2019

Wanna complete a round of pull-ups without falling in a sweaty heap? Bicep curls, baby – one of the quickest ways to pack on muscle in all the right places. That is, when performed correctly. Sure, in comparison to other lifts, they probs seem fool-proof. But in truth, bicep curls are pretty tough to get down pat, just ask celeb trainer Melissa Alcantara (aka, the wizard behind Kim K’s phenomenally fit rig).

“This is a super-simple move that I see so many people murder,” she explained in an Insta video this week. The most common issue? They’re using the wrong gym equipment (she recommends barbells over dumbbells to minimise the risk of injury.)

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“First thing, you want your shoulders back and your chest up,” she said, demonstrating proper form. “You aren’t swinging the bar back and forth. You’re stiff. You want your wrists straight. So not bent out or curled. That’s going to give you the most pump in your biceps.”

So far, so straightforward. Moving onto stance: “You want to be sitting into your hips, knees slightly bent,” she said. “Your pinky and ring finger should be pushing into the bar. You want to feel the bar in your entire hand. You want to focus and you want to move nice and slow.”

Finding it hard to concentrate on all the things at once? Scale back the weight.  

“If you gotta put down that [20kg] and get a [10kg] that’s what you gotta do,” she added. “No more swinging sh*t. No more excuses.”

‘Nuff said. 

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