The Five Best Anti-Ageing Ingredients For Your Skin

The 5 Best Anti-Ageing Ingredients For Your Skin

by | Jun 5, 2018

We’re more conscious than ever before about the ingredients in our food but its time you took a closer look at your skincare routine. Here’s the recipe you need for a deliciously healthy skincare routine.


They’re not only good for the good bacteria in your tum, probiotics help balance the microbiome on your skin’s surface. They help protect your skin from environmental factors and help restore a healthy pH balance to your skin. Probiotics in skincare are very fragile and deteriorate easily, look for products containing probiotics that come in a pump bottle as they will break down if they are stored in jars.

Sea Fennel

Before you jump to any unnecessary conclusions, sea fennel is known not only for helping to reduce redness and blemishes but also helps increase luminosity and reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier. Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster is fortified with sea fennel and probiotics to help revitalise your skin. 


Mum was right, all of that nagging wasn’t for nothing, sunscreen is your hidden weapon when it comes to protecting your skin. Sunscreen helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays and stop premature ageing and sagging. Add it to your daily beauty routine even if you are only in the sun for short periods of time to protect yourself from those harsh Aussie rays.

UV rays


Vitamin C

Power-up your routine with an extra layer of protection from a vitamin C serum, benefits of an antioxidant-rich serum dynamo include protection against UV exposure and also boosted collagen production. Apply a Vitamin C serum to your skin after cleansing before applying the rest of your face, serums are stronger than creams and help protect harmful free radicals.


The final powerhouse to add to your skincare routine is vitamin A. Retinol is part of the vitamin A family and helps to boost the production of healthy skin cells, protecting your body against bacteria, pollutants and infection. It’s best to apply retinol as part of your night-time routine before you hit the hay so it can absorb into your skin and has more time to regenerate while you get your beauty sleep.

This killer combo will have your skin glowing and feeling better than ever.

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