Ashley Graham Just Posted Her Sports Bra Fail To Instagram

Ashley Graham Just Posted Her Sports Bra Fail To Instagram

If you’ve got big boobs, you’re going to relate to Ashley Graham’s workout wardrobe fail that she shared on Instagram stories today.

During a tough workout session with trainer Kira Stokes in New York City, Ashley is seen crushing some seriously-hard abs exercises and sled-pull rows (with her trainer standing on top of the sled!). But when it seems like Kira is about to give the model some feedback on her jump rope form, Ashley quickly cuts her off.

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“Look, let me just stop you right there,” she says, slightly out of breath. “I have the wrong bra on today, jumping rope, my breasts are hitting me in the face. They hurt, they’re going to be more sore than my abs.”

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In the next story, her trainer can be heard chiming in from behind the camera: “Here’s the thing as a trainer that doesn’t really have to be concerned about that, I’m seeing it and I’m understanding how much…” And then you can hear an audible gasp and “Oh my god!” when Ashley stops jump roping to come over and show her trainer the redness on her chest.

Ashley’s short and sweet PSA to everyone watching: “Wear the right bra, laides! This is not cute.”

But don’t go thinking she’s trying to lose her curves. The 31-year-old model has become a beloved body-positive figure, and isn’t driven to exercise to change her body in any way. “I don’t work out to lose weight, I don’t work out because I want to be thin, I work out to stay healthy, strong, firm and to keep my mind clear,” she shared in a recent post.

We love that attitude, Ashley. Keep it up. (But also: Definitely wear the right sports bra.)

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US.

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