Turns Out Women Are The Healthier Sex, According To A New Study

Are Women Healthier Than Men?

No offence to our teammates over at Men’s Health, but we women are pretty confident putting ourself at the front of the health race. And while that may just be down to our competitiveness, have you ever heard the men in your life talk about putting collagen in their coffee? Exactly. Well, thanks to a new study, ‘Australia’s Health Report: when healthcare meets self-care’ undertaken by Priceline Pharmacy, it turns out we were right.

The report focuses on the de-identified data from 755,778 health checks on medical grade Health Stations across the country from November 2018 to October 2020, and looks at the blood pressure, body composition, BMI, heart rate and age, diabetes risk, stress score and more of those who took part.

The report found when it comes to key physical biometrics Australian women are healthier than Australian men: compared with Australian women, Australian men are more likely to die of coronary heart disease and diabetes, up to twice as likely to die of skin cancer[xv] and much less likely to visit the GP or Pharmacist.

While the finding may come to some as not too much of a shock, it’s not all bells and whistles for females. The data also revealed that stress was identified as the key watch out for women, with 8.8% of women experiencing reporting high stress levels compared to 5.1% of men. In particular, Gen Z females are reporting more than triple the rate of high stress (17.3%) compared to their Gen X parents (5.4%).
“It’s interesting that young women (aged 16 to 24) reported the highest stress levels. I think most of us suspect that women are more stressed (even without the findings of this report) but it’s almost a relief (as both a women and GP) to see the data confirm it,” General Practitioner and Priceline Health Expert Dr Preeya Alexander explains to Women’s Health. “Why are women more stressed? As a young woman myself I think it’s likely a combination of factors; I think we have a lot of pressure on us to juggle it all – career, family, friends and be fit, active and amazing looking whilst doing so. I don’t think that men are walking through a field of daisies and rainbows with no stress at all – but I do think women tend to bear the brunt of caregiving roles at home if there are children or elderly parents present and do most of the juggling. “

The takeout: unmanaged stress can have a flow on effect impacting mental and physical health. It can lead to anxiety and depression and negatively impact sleep quality and the immune system. So after you’ve scooped your collagen, take ten, sit down, and enjoy it, too.

You can find your nearest Priceline Health station here.

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