Anna Victoria DGAF That She’s The Heaviest She’s Ever Been

Anna Victoria DGAF That She’s The Heaviest She’s Ever Been

by | Aug 15, 2019

Anna Victoria has gained a few kgs as of late (coz, holidays, health issues and generally being human). But rather than stressing about it – which only ever makes things worse – she’s taking it all in her stride.

“I weigh the most I’ve ever weighed in my life right now,” she shared in an Instagram Story. “But that number on the scale ain’t nothin but a thang.”

“I really wanted to share this message. That you can be confident even in the midst of weight gain,” she continued in a separate post on her feed. “You can be confident at ANY size and I strongly believe that.”

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That said, Anna’s still committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes sticking to a regular workout routine and fuelling up with nourishing food. She’s simply refusing to punish herself for letting her figure change, and instead treat her body as a blessing – all that it is and all it can do. 

“Do I still believe it’s incredibly important to take care of your physical health through exercise and a proper diet? Yes, 100%,” the trainer wrote. “But if you’re on your fitness journey, heck, even if you haven’t started your fitness journey, every single person on this earth deserves to love and appreciate their body. Self-hate has no place in this world. And that’s why mental and emotional health is just as important in this journey as your physical health.”

Hear, hear Anna. Thanks for the timely reminder.

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