Anna Heinrich’s Guide To All-Day Energy

Anna Heinrich’s Guide To All-Day Energy

by | Mar 8, 2017

When it comes to food, I mix it up but always like to be healthy. I’ll have salads, vegetables, protein… I love so many cafes around Sydney – About Life has really great options. Even if I’m out at a restaurant or on holiday, I stay as healthy as possible, but then also have moments where I love to indulge.

I’ve been doing a bit of intermittent fasting. So, I won’t get up and have breakfast straight away – I have it around 11am or 12pm, which I guess is lunch or brunch! I don’t do that every single day (some days I get up and am a lot hungrier than others) but when I do, I find I have just as much energy and can still tackle the day. Everyone’s individual so it’s about what works for you.

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My coffee limit is two a day. I start with one – or a green tea – and that always picks me up. Also if I’m eating a bigger meal at lunch, I find that normally takes me through to the afternoon and then, as a snack, I might have nuts or a piece of fruit. I’m not a huge juice or smoothie fan, but my partner [Tim Robards] likes making them: the majority of things that go into the blender are green and not that sweet. He likes to put the lemon rind in as well… so he basically chucks a whole lemon in. Oh, also a raw egg [laughs].

I’ve been an Oral-B 3D White ambassador for two years now. The newest member of the range is the Arctic Fresh toothpaste. When I have a coffee or glass of red wine, I now know that not only is it going to remove stains when I brush, but it’s also going to protect my teeth from further ones. There’s also a cooling agent for long-lasting freshness.

You need to sweat every single day. I try to take the stairs and if there’s a place I’m heading to, I try to walk there. Like my food, I mix it up with workouts – I do a lot of pump and boxing classes, I go for walks with my mum, I do body-weight exercises with my partner on the rings. I basically just try and stay active every day. Even walking to and from work, that’s exercise for me.

Surrounding yourself with positive, healthy and motivating people is important. My family, friends and my partner are like that, so I’m more likely to do something active. I always ask my mum if she wants to go for a walk and then if she says ‘yes’, I’m like ‘well, I can’t get out of it now!’ So, a way to get motivated would be to get a gym buddy – if your alarm goes off and you don’t really feel like getting up, you know someone’s waiting for you and you can’t let them down.

You’ve got to set yourself goals. Last year I did the Nike Women’s half-marathon. I used to do a lot of athletics at school but I was a sprinter so a half-marathon was a huge challenge for me. At the beginning I didn’t think I could do it, and then gradually as I just told myself I could, it got easier. I knew I had to do it and there wasn’t any getting out of it. The first step is signing up. I think when you set your mind to something, most people can do most things.

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My ideal way to spend downtime? Because I go to a lot of events, I like to just relax at home. I spend time with my family and friends, and I do the Bondi-to-Bronte coastal walk. My partner’s family live up near Newcastle, so we go and stay with them on the lake. Definitely relaxing. I try and do that as much as possible.

I turned 30 last year. I don’t get why people worry about it, because it’s a great thing. I’m looking forward to turning 40 and 50 – everyone around you grows up with you so it’s not like they’re getting younger and you’re getting older! I would’ve loved to be this confident and happy back in the day. I’ve learnt so much more about myself and other people, and I hope, as I grow older, I’ll learn even more. I think I’ll just be happier.

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