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An Energy Expert Explains How to Tell The Difference Between Intuition and Paranoia

Paranoia is also not always logical, and it can show up in the same situations that intuition does. So how can we differentiate between the two?

Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning, and is often cited as a tool that leads to success. It’s regularly pointed to by successful people as an important part of their journey to success and has been shown to correlate highly with emotional intelligence.

Intuition isn’t logical, and it often doesn’t make sense, that’s why it’s so easy to shrug it off and ignore it. But your intuition is the inner compass that is continuously guiding you towards your goals.

Paranoia is also not always logical, and it can show up in the same situations that intuition does.

So how can we differentiate between the two?

Whilst intuition is an instinctive tool for success, paranoia refers to unjustified mistrust of others or exaggerated fears. Intuition can often lead to positive life changes, whereas paranoia is mostly destructive. Paranoia creates a lens of unjustified conviction where a person can’t see the truth and irrational thoughts can run rampant.

The main difference between intuition and paranoia is how we receive internal information about a situation or person. Paranoia often originates from previous experiences, if you have experienced betrayal before you may be more susceptible to paranoia in current relationships. Intuition is more of a subtle nudge to examine if something is right for you, giving you heightened awareness that passes after a decision has been made. Intuition is an inner ‘knowing.’ It’s a subtle and gentle feeling, calling your attention to something that isn’t right or needs your attention.

But unlike paranoia, it doesn’t consume you.

Paranoia comes through most often as thoughts in your mind from a place of fear. Intuition can show up anywhere in your life, from as simple as taking a different route home, to taking up a new job. Paranoia will most likely show up in areas where you have been scorned before and comes with many other negative and fearful thoughts.

If you experience paranoia severely, it would be beneficial to speak to a mental health professional before beginning to take action on your intuition. Until the reason for the paranoia being present is identified, it can negatively influence your decision-making.

Awareness is key when differentiating between the two, when you notice the voice coming up telling you that something isn’t right, ask, where is it coming from? Is it a feeling in your body or is it a fear from a previous experience?

If you don’t find yourself experiencing strong intuitive nudges, remember it’s a muscle that can be built up or you may not even recognise the feelings that you are currently experiencing are actually your intuition.

We feel our intuition in our body and oftentimes we can have other feelings through our intuition that are accompanied by a gut feeling such as flutters, goosebumps, warm flushes, etc.

Everything is energy and your body is able to read and perceive the energy around you. If you think of your body as an energy reader constantly receiving information through the form of energy, our intuition is how we read that energy we receive.

Building up your intuition requires working with your body and being in tune with it. A few of my tips include: 

  • – Treating your body like an energy reader and as you think of a person, situation or place, notice how your body reacts. 
  • – Ask yourself a question such as ‘is this situation for my highest good’ and notice how your body responds. If there’s a feeling of contraction, goosebumps, expansion, weight, take note. Your body always gives you signs and everyone’s body is unique in how it communicates and it’s learning to read your unique communication style with your inner voice.
  • – Take time to be silent without any distractions – this is one of the best things you can do to heighten your intuition
  • – Start meditating, even for just a few minutes a day, to create room for clarity. As your mind quietens you can start to hear your inner voice more clearly. Your intuition won’t bombard you with negative overwhelming negative thoughts and feelings about a situation or person like paranoia does, so be aware of what thoughts accompany the feelings.

Because intuition is so subtle, it’s easy to miss, but when we begin to listen, our intuition can transform our lives for the better.

Athina Bailey

By Athina Bailey

Athina is a Kinesiologist, Trance Channeller, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Teacher & Energy Expert who helps intuitive women up level in their life & business. Passionate about helping others connect with their own spiritual abilities & reawaken their soul purpose, Athina runs multiple programs & courses to inspire others to harness their special gifts, as well as her Channelling Spirit Academy, which is hosted bi-annually & available to souls around the world. For more information on Athina & her work, visit:, & follow on Instagram: @starseed_awakening.

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