Amy Schumer’s Message About Body Confidence Is A Must-Read

Amy Schumer’s Message About Body Confidence Is A Must-Read

Amy Schumer has long been an advocate for body positivity and in an interview with Lisa Wilkinson on The Project, the actor and comedian shared how she’s become comfortable in her own skin.

“I’ve been in the public eye in some way for 10 years, doing stand up for 15 years so I’ve heard every insult you could possibly imagine,” Amy said. “I am very desensitised to it, I couldn’t read something mean about myself and feel bad about it if I wanted to. Also I know that that’s not who I am.”

“Nothing can really mess with my baseline at this point in terms of my confidence,” she added. “I have never been apologetic for what could be considered a flaw on my body.”

The I Feel Pretty star eats well and exercises but says, “I just don’t starve myself.”

“I feel really good I feel the best I’ve felt and this is probably the most I’ve ever weighed, this is probably the biggest size I’ve ever been.”

The 36-year-old said that when it comes to feeling confident naked in front of a partner, it’s fairly simple. 

“I think men are so happy to have a naked woman in front of them that they’re not going to say ‘Oh, you have bit of cellulite’ and call an Uber.’ It’s all in our heads.”


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