The "Adopt A Healthcare Worker" Initiative Is Helping Aussies On The COVID-19 Frontline

This Initiative Is Helping Australian Healthcare Workers Impacted By COVID-19

by | Aug 27, 2020

The Facebook group is helping to connect the nurses, doctors, admin and support staff who are working harder than ever to stem the outbreak, with those wanting to help any way they can.

Currently it looks like our medical system is going to be swamped by COVID-19 patients throughout 2020,” the description reads. “For our healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, admin & support staff) this means that they are going to be worked to exhaustion. I don’t have the knowledge or expertise to help on the frontline, but I can run support for those who do!”

The group is encouraging “adopters” to assist “adoptees” with things like cooking, cleaning, and childcare where appropriate.

“Find out what will help them to function,” it continues. “Do they need you to prepare some meals they can freeze? Do they need you to pick up or look after their kids? Even if it’s on the one day they get off, so they can catch up on some sleep! Do they need a shoulder to cry on? Someone to scrub their shower because it hasn’t been done in a month?”

The group has already attracted over 18,000 members since it was started on March 14 and one “adoptee” says the page has helped restore faith in our communities.

“So far it’s mainly been establishing what situation the adopter and adoptee are currently in – location, rosters, kids, level of risk, any specific vulnerabilities, any health or diet concerns,” she told Women’s Health. 

“And then I am just incredibly grateful to have my adopter message me every couple of days and let me know that she’s going to the shops/baking a lasagne for her family and asking if I need anything or if she can drop anything off. It’s taken a weight off my mind because it feels like such a lovely back up in case I can’t get out to do those errands myself. I was only adopted two days ago though so I haven’t needed anything yet. The support and feeling included and cared about is the nicest part of it I think.”

She says she’s also looking to help out her colleagues around her too.

“The support and feeling included and cared about is the nicest part of it I think.”

Head here to get involved.

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