Abbie Chatfield Shares Inspiring Body Positivity Post On Instagram

Abbie Chatfield’s Latest ‘Gram Is The Body Love Reminder We All Need RN

Having one of those days, weeks, months (years?!) where you’re battling that little inner-voice of self-loathing that talks sh*t about how you look? We feel ya. And so does Bachelor alum Abbie Chatfield.

The 23-year-old has taken to the ‘Gram to spill the beans about how she struggles to be proud of her body, revealing it’s a long journey with plenty of speed bumps. The best part? Her epic message is accompanied by an equally inspiring video in which she preaches the iconic Ricky Thompson and shows off her tummy when she’s “not sucking in.”

All in all, a glorious few minutes. You can watch below.

“I get so many questions asking how I am so confident and proud of my body, but I struggle as often as a lot of you do I’m sure!” she wrote. “I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life, and have always felt unlovable because I’m not stick thin. I’ve never admitted it, but I suck in my stomach ALL. THE. TIME. Even when I’m at home alone, it’s not healthy and I still need to work on loving my authentic self.”

Chatfield says the last five weeks of travel (which naturally involve a lot of eating out and exercising where you can) has resulted in little bit of weight gain and a major hit to her self esteem. But she’s working on that. 

“I had a big moment last night of self loathing and looking in the mirror thinking I was disgusting for gaining a little bit of weight, which I know is completely illogical, but my mind went there anyway,” she continued. “After being conditioned my whole life to believe that skinny = beautiful, gaining weight = ugly, my mind can’t kick those habits. What I can do, though, is put on a bikini and listen to @rickeythompson remind me that even if I don’t feel it, I still break necks ???????? and show all of you what I look like not sucking in my tummy or posing.”

She also reminded her followers that body positivity isn’t about being confident in your body every day, but loving it no matter how you feel. 

“There are so many people that preach loving yourself EVERY DAY and it’s FUCKING hard! Give yourself a little wriggle room today, confidence comes in ebs and flows, you just gotta know you’re worthy no matter how you look, even if you’re rolling around on an unmade bed listening to @amine.”

Hear, bloody, hear. 

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