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3 of the Best Strength Workouts to Help You Run Better

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by | Jun 16, 2021


Sure, adding different types of runs to your routine will help build speed and efficiency, but strength training is a huge opportunity to push yourself to that next level. Not only does it prevent injuries by strengthening muscles and connective tissues, but it also helps you run faster by boosting coordination and power.

Now, we’re not talking CrossFit workouts or circuit-based fitness classes: instead of focusing on raising your heart rate, you should shift your focus to lifting relatively heavy weights for a moderate number of repetitions, with full recovery.

“Running season is officially back on after a year of lockdowns and I for one couldn’t be happier. After a year of training my Sofa 2 Surf team online, they finally have an event to train for,” says Ben Lucas, founder of Flow Athletic. “While running may be an obvious way to prepare for a fun run, strength training is also important. Why? Because when we run we are often on one leg at a time and unfortunately we often favour our stronger side which over a long distance can lead to imbalances and pain.”
To get us going, Ben has given us three of his top strength workouts for runners.

Workout 1- weight room

When it comes to strength workouts for runners, I like to spend some time working one leg at a time. Why? Because that way they both have to work hard rather than one leg overcompensating for the other.  
I also include some core and upper body strength to build posture because as we get tired when we run we tend to slouch.”
3 x round
24 weighted walking lunges alternating sides
24 weighted lateral lunges alternating sides
45 second row on the rowing machine
10 a side- 1 leg TRX squat
16 deadlifts 
45 second row
20 Weighted hip thrust
20 a side Lunge into a jump unweighted

Workout 2- weight room + Kettle bell or DB

3-5 rounds
12 a side runners lunges, a runners lunge is like a split stance squat. Do all reps on one leg before changing to the other leg. Hope a KB in each hand
12 a side lunge back into a knew drive holding kettlebells
12 a side lateral lunges
12 Rows using the weighted rower
12 chest press
1 minute burst of cardio of your choice

Workout 3 – cardio/ weight mix

3 rounds
400m sprint on a treadmill or bike, 400m jog x 3
10 a side Bulgarian split squat
20 weighted hip thrust
24 lunge walks carrying a medicine ball, twist over the front leg as you do the lunge
20 pushups
24 alternating weighted back lunge into a knee drive
16 dead lifts
10 burpees
“When training for a running event is is important to not only incorporate running and strength training, but also stretching, maybe even yoga, diet and sleep. For more tips check out my Fun Run program here”

By Nikolina Ilic

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