25 Things All Eco-Warriors Know To Be True

25 Things All Eco-Warriors Know To Be True

Now I’m normally not one to judge, but I’ve caught myself lately in a couple of new-age dilemmas. I have jumped headfirst into the ecosphere, spending hours deliberating over ceramic coffee cups and researching the difference between bamboo and stainless steel straws. So much so that it led me to launch my own business Banish last year (an online store and education platform) and I have transformed into what I can only describe as an eco-addict. Here are the 25 things you’ll understand if you’re with me on this journey.

1. Nothing will ruin your day quicker than forgetting your tote bag.

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2. You’re constantly given a side-eye for washing your coffee cup in public toilets.

3. You give a virtual ‘cheers’ to everyone else in the coffee line with a reusable cup. 

4. You are proud, not ashamed when your friends ask if you’re wearing the same dress you wore 10 years ago. 

5. You need a dedicated washing load for all your eco goodies (make-up wipes, produce bags, tea towels). 

6. The drying rack in your kitchen is used more for beeswax wraps and soft plastics than for anything else.

7. Every day is a game of Tetris as you try and fit a coffee cup, water bottle, cutlery, produce bag and a jar (just in case) in your handbag.

8. A catch up with your eco-friends isn’t complete without a lengthy update on your latest eco-finds.


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10. We all have our favourite beeswax wrap and the others get used only in desperate situations.

11. You’re constantly running out of Tupperware containers.

12. You trick your non-eco friends into going green by giving them no other option.  

13. You contemplate adding ‘Masterchef’ to your resume as you find yourself cooking the strangest combination of foods so you don’t waste that odd carrot and celery stem. 

14. There’s no heartbreak quite like ordering a drink without a straw and it comes with one anyways. 

15. You feel like a proud mum when one of your favourite brands announces that they have swapped to recyclable shipping methods.

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16. Every time you see a bee you run to it, not away from it to see if it needs some water. 

17. You find yourself on first dates asking if they use a reusable coffee cup, and if they don’t… see you later. 

18. You’re not ashamed to tweet on your social media “I’ve got worms!”

19. You find it hard to be nice to people who brush their teeth with the water running.

20. You haven’t used a printer in so long you’ve forgotten what it is. 

21. Your Instagram feed has at least one picture of a ceramic coffee cup.

22. Your jar collection needs a cupboard of its own.

23. When people ask what your favourite bar is, your response is shampoo or body? 

24. Every time you go to the beach you end up performing a difficult juggle of your #take3forthesea with the rest of your belongings. 

25. People seem oddly surprised when you tell them that you still use deodorant and shave your legs. 

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