The 10-10-10 Method Is A Game Changer For Those Who Stress Over *Everything*

The 10-10-10 Method Is A Game Changer For Those Who Stress Over *Everything*

by | May 30, 2019

The internet can be a smorgasbord of game-changing advice – that is, if you know where to look for it. Take the Life Pro Tips subreddit, for example. 

With hacks on everything from upping productivity to travelling safely in a sketchy city, it’s a one-stop shop for any self-proclaimed stress head (*raises hand*).

It’s also the source of this golden nugget: the 10-10-10 rule. Shared by user InquiringMind886, it’s essentially mindfulness technique that helps cut through the mental clutter:

“When stressing over something, use the 10-10-10 rule. Will it matter in 10 days? 10 months? 10 years? After getting some perspective, you’ll notice how very few things end up worth stressing over.”

Honestly, it makes so much sense: how often have you reflected on something that used to consume you, only to realise later on it wasn’t worth the energy you expanded on it (just me?!). The beauty of time (and hindsight) eh?! Plus, when you quit worrying about the small fry stuff, you’ll free yourself up to take on the things that actually do matter.

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Needless to say, the post has resonated with many like-minded people.

Something to think about next time you find yourself in a stress spiral.

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